The Reserves progressed into 2nd round of the Saturday vase with a difficult but commanding 4-2 victory at Wolverhampton United.  Trying to play our usual passing game on a pitch suitable for farming, we adapted well.  With Daniel Moses & Skitz forming centre backs partnership for 1st time showing a composed display.  Evergreen Wes Hughes controlled ball retention, assisted well by Lemaar Rhule, showing great maturity at such a tender age.

An early goal from United put Star on the back foot, but not for long; enter Bobby from a great interlink play between Sol & Wes put him 1 on 1 with the keeper; his determination brought Star level on 20 mins.  United began using the pitch to their advantage, and went ahead again by pressing high up the field, but we should have still dealt with, clearing our lines.  2-1 down at the interval, discussion was not to change the way we’re playing, just be more clinical with final ball.  I was so pleased to see everyone moving to the next level, with Bobby completing a fine hat-trick & going on to score all 4 goals!  ‘Bobby of old’  What pleased me most was the inclusion of our young players, 16/17 yrs old, showing great maturity in their football education.  Well done Tray, Lemaar, Craigh; Lathi, Anton & our French international, Steve Feke, making his debut, “in continental we trust.”

Report by: Deno