Management team

Management team

Player Manager: Davion Hamilton

How much do you really know about our new manager?  What are his likes and dislikes?

Fathering and raising two sons.

Jamaica / Marbella / Ibiza / Miami take your pick.

This ranges depending on my mood. I see myself as very versatile.

People moving my things.

“Excuses are the nails in the coffin of failure”

Awareness and ability on the ball.

Potential match winner that moans a lot LOL.

Smoothie or porridge

If you stop and fight every dog that barks as you walk pass you will never get to your destination.

Ability is not enough, the pitch is where you need to do your talking.

Chill at home with my sons watching films

Love and basketball

Stew Peas with white rice / Curried chicken with white rice

Panther (whoever they are)

Currently reading “Malcolm X Autobiography” & “The Way of The Superior Man”

Malcolm X autobiography

Blowing hot air. Lol

1st Team Coach: Franklin Hazell

Ronaldo R9 – winner; turned up at big games, had all the attributes of a  top player. Besides nobody can entertain you better with their flair than a Brazilian.

Supporting my family during difficult times of employment.

On the pitch, players who hide and don’t call for the ball

An excuse is a poor substitute for action.

Family gatherings

Nah. Man a Rasta. Nuh believe ina thing deh. lol

It’s not rocket science, the more you practise at something the better you will be ( my bro)

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, it’s better you try and fail rather than not try and fail.

José Mourinho.  He is not my favourite but the best.

Watch football, Match of The Day LOL

Sean Connery and Denzel Washington

I’m a celebrity get me out of here.

Rice ‘ n’ peas and chicken

Lose in final at WBA in front of my family

Does Match of The Day count?

Match of The Day – I don’t like TV