Our Vision

Our Vision

The Vision is arranged around four key themes and these are set below.

Development Participation

  • A high quality community focused club delivering a range of football activities for boys and girls and men and women.
  • A club that provides mass participation through the creation of development centres in the inner city providing increased opportunities for socially excluded children and staffed by qualified football coaches provided by Continental Star FC.
  • To provide opportunities for (young) people to become highly skilled coaches/volunteers.


  • Forming a steering group so that a quality footballing facility¬† can be established for the club.
  • Forming partnership with relevant agencies and organisations such as school sports co-ordinators, further education colleges, universities and local football development officers.
  • Working with other organisations for the benefit of young people marginalised within the community


  • By providing clear pathways to professional clubs for both players and coaches.
  • Provide a pathway to a more positive identity for those at risk of anti-social behaviour.

Education and Training 

  • Training opportunities for coaches, leaders, administrators and volunteers.
  • Help the coaches/volunteers to obtain accredited qualifications that acknowledges their contributions
  • Capacity building so that volunteers and members of Continental Star can use the skills they have gained at the Club for the benefit of others.