Code of Conduct

Our values and core beliefs

Code of conduct

Continental Star FC is a charity that aims to provide sporting activities as a means to help divert young people away from the attraction of anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.  This is underpinned by a number of volunteers all of whom are committed to the vision.  Although the charity is run by volunteers, we nevertheless seek to adopt a professional attitude at all times.

Our Expectations

“The standards that you condone are the standards that you expect.”


  • To lead by example
  • To be respectful at all times treating others as they would expect to be treated
  • To be able to work in challenging circumstance
  • To be resilient
  • To see the value in young people, often when it may not be apparent at first
  • To be organised and punctual – ‘arriving on time, is being late.’
  • To adhere to the club’s Safeguarding policy at all times
  • To be aware of GDPR responsibilities

Sports Coaches

  • Are expected to arrive for training sessions/matches in good time, so as to be prepared for any eventuality
  • Are expected to communicate any concerns/issues they have or may foresee to their line manager in good time
  • Are responsible for the conduct of those players/people representing the club
  • Must keep on-top of their administration
  • Are expected to be a positive role model especially to the young people that they work with
  • Are expected to keep parents/carers regularly updated of events

Holiday camp/residential ambassadors

Berlin, Germany
  • Must support with the setting up/clearing away of the activities
  • Must adhere to their job role and if in doubt speak to their line manager
  • Must not use their phones whilst on duty, unless they have been given expressed permission to do so by their liner manager
  • Must adhere to the club’s safeguarding policy and report any concerns that they may have straight away
  • Must report any concerns/issue they may have to their line manager
  • Must take their breaks at the appropriate time and stick to the time allocated

Event/hospitality ambassadors

  • Ensure that everyone is welcomed
  • Ensure that the space used is left tidy at the end of an event
  • Ensure that the ‘match day’ roles and responsibilities are followed
  • Report any damage/ things that need to be replaced

dispute resolution

All complaints must be put in writing for the attention of the General Manager: The Sports Hub, Holford Drive, Birmingham B42 2TU.  An acknowledgement of the complaint will be sent within 7 days of receiving it.

As volunteers we value not only your time and commitment but we value your opinion.  In the unlikely event of a dispute being unresolved please do not allow things to fester, speak to your line manager and if you are still not satisfied then speak to a Trustee.


Continental Star FC will use the most appropriate sanction available for any breaches of its code of conduct that is deemed to be against the spirit of the organisation or brings the organisation into disrepute.  These sanctions may vary from a verbal warning to expulsion from the organisation.