Whether it’s snacks for our holiday camps or paying for the hire of our football pitches, running Continental Star FC requires funding. We are always looking for new ways in which to engage young people and attract volunteers to our club; with a growing list of initiatives to deliver in the community, we need as much financial support as we can get.

The Football Club represents the greatest opportunity to see a return on any investment and that is why we have developed a selection of sponsorship packages that we hope you can invest in. From this, we can then fund the other areas where we focus.

The following are sample sponsorship packages:

£10.00Sponsors one 1st team player for one home game
£50.00Sponsors one 1st team player for five games
£25.00Sponsors the match ball for one home game
£500.00Sponsors a full home or away kit
£500.00Sponsors a full training kit
£4,000.00Secures training facilities for one season
£8,000.00Secures the ground maintenance and upkeep for the home pitch for one season

All sponsors (and their contact details) will appear on our website

To find out more about these packages or to discuss other ideas with us, please contact:

General manager, Lincoln Moses

07773 321 568