From Birmingham to Blankenfelde-Mahlow

Continental Star presents: ‘Don’t Judge Me’

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Here are the thoughts of some of the young people who participated in this event:

Joshua Wilson:

“Going to Germany was a great experience.  One in a life time chance and I was privilege to be one of the few that were chosen to go visit a different environment and culture.  So I would like to thank those who picked me as a candidate e.g. Lincoln Moses, Daniel Moses, Casey Bailey, Diane Sawyers, and of course Noel Martin.  I hope that other children from the inner city area can have the same wonderful experience that I had.”

Jedi Campbell

“The trip to Germany was a good trip because I have never done something like that before.  It was fun to learn a little bit of German; it was also good to learn how Germany football teams train.  I also liked playing against the German teams.  It was fun going site seeing around Germany and I would like to do it again.”

Declan Sullivan

“Germany was a great experience it was a once in a life time opportunity to get to know the German culture and get to grips with the German ways; credit to the people who took us in and cared for us and it was great to play football with the Germans and see how it’s different to English football.  It was great to do the Brazilian warm-up with the coaches.  A good shout out to Marcus for driving us around and taking us sightseeing.  I would also like to say thanks to Continental Star for taking me, much appreciated.  Hope to see the Germans again and to revisit the friends I made there.”

Shyieme L

“Going to Germany was just an amazing experience.  It was amazing in many different ways not just because of the holiday; it was amazing because we got a chance to see how different communities do things; what other countries lifestyles are like etc.  In Germany it was as if we all were superstars: being on different news channels, rapping in community parties, playing football with the academy and getting sent over there by an amazing man named Noel Martin.”


“I thought Germany was a very good experience; exploring a different country and seeing all the amazing old buildings.  I had a brilliant time experiencing German football even though we were the best: I liked the way how Lincoln does theses stuff for us, thanks Lincoln, I would love it if I could go again.  Also it was a wicked experience in Germany -thanks to Noel Martin & Continental Star.”

Justice Campbell

“I liked going to Germany because it was my first time going on a plane, it was fun to go a different country and play football with the Germany children.”

Lamer Edwards

“Going to Germany was a whole different experience, I saw things I’ve never seen before; I heard things I never heard before, and ate food I’ve never eaten before.  It was just, overall, something different it’s somewhere I would like to go again.”

Lemaar Rhule

“Germany was a wonderful experience; it was much better than I had expected.  I had a great time and learnt new words and phrases from the experience.  Germans are great people and we should do things like this more often.”