Our last game before the Holidays, we were away to West Brom united.

We started the game with 9 players with illness and injuries the main reason for many absentees, although this was disappointing we were all in high sprits because we welcomed back Melanie Judd Was Griffiths!

We knew we had to be smart about our approach as the opposition would have a 2 player overload so we decided to play deep and stay compact only pressing when they entered our mid to defensive 3rd. We also decided that to limit our running, when we were in possession we would retain it and use the pace from our flanks to attack otherwise we would keep it.

After a very bright start we scored a well worked goal, Shiloh, picking up the ball out wide drove to the by-line and then floated a ball across the box for Abu to tap in back post. After this the boys decided to press a bit higher to force mistakes. From us pressing we manage to get another goal this time from Abu winning the ball in the wide area shooting from a tight angle, the keeper parried for Shiloh to tap home. Just before half time Hamzah twisted and turned clipped a ball through to Abu for him to chest and half volley into the corner.

At half time we changed our shape and talked about changing our set up to press more keeping a high line. The change in style was to force the opposition to play longer for us to sweep up with Our keeper Owen or our quick defenders to deal with.

The opposition came out with what looked like a ‘nothing to lose mentality’ and pressed like crazy, credit to us we managed it very well by retaining the ball making them work doubly hard to get the ball back.

Within five minutes we scored again, this time with Ramone driving to by line cutting the ball back for Hamzah to touch, chop, turn and fire home.

The opposition broke away after some good play to score arguably the goal of the game. We replied with Ramone picking up the ball from the halfway, racing through to finish beyond their goal keeper who could not do anything to save. 5 mins Before the end the opposition got a penalty and scored.

Last week we had a few things to work on and we did that in training which carried over to our game. This was evident in all players attitude to stick together playing with 9 players. Well done to all!

Report by: Aaron MG